Occupational safety and technical knowledge of hydraulic hose lines
Qualified person according to BetrSichV and DGUV regulations 113-020

Occupational safety is not just a collection of laws and regulations – it‘s about your health!
This training course teaches the safe handling of hydraulic systems, in particular hydraulic hose lines, on the
basis of technical knowledge of hydraulic hose lines and the necessary regulations.
The Industrial Safety Regulation (BetrSichV) prescribes a periodic inspection of work equipment, which also
includes hydraulic hose lines. Their wear can cause damage which can lead to dangerous situations.
The inspection may only be performed by „qualified personnel“.
The seminar provides participants with an overview of the legal requirements and relevant standards.
Fault detection in the hydraulic system due to damage in line systems. Measures to reduce damage and
downtimes are just as much a part of the seminar as the design, manufacture and use of hydraulic hose lines.
By participating in this seminar, participants are qualified to be appointed „Qualified Person“ by the employer
in accordance with BetrSichV, provided that all other prerequisites are fulfilled.

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Seminar overview: