Measurement and analysis

This seminar focuses on the use of digital measurement technology. Correct measurements and the correct analysis of the measurement results are the key to efficient and sustainable troubleshooting.

After the seminar, participants will be able to analyze circuit diagrams in a systematic and structured way. With the help of measuring instruments, they create measurement reports that precisely describe the condition of a system. They are able to analyze the measurement protocols and thus, in case of wear, efficiently and sustainably eliminate the causes of various errors.

Target group:

Skilled workers, master craftsmen, technicians and maintenance engineers who require special knowledge of hydraulic and electrohydraulic systems in order to carry out their work.

Note on the seminar series "Systematic failure analysis in hydraulic systems":

“Measuring and Analyzing” and “Systematic Fault Analysis in Hydraulic Systems, Part 3” are identical in content. In this seminar the use of digital measurement technology on our training systems is carried out. “Systematic Failure Analysis in Hydraulic Systems, Part 3” is an in-house training course in which measurements are performed on customer-specific machines and systems. 

Seminar overview: