Hydraulics Basics

This seminar is suitable for everyone who comes into contact with hydraulics for the first time. The focus is on safety, physical principles and the design of a simple hydraulic system. The seminar will also cover the function and schematic structure of various components in order to make it easier for participants to get started with hydraulics. With the help of different measuring methods, the special features and effects of area ratios are presented practically. In this seminar the participants learn the safe handling of hydraulic systems. They understand the basic structure of a hydraulic system and can understand the interaction of the various components.

Target group:

Apprentices, plant mechanics, plant operators, new entrants

  • Physical basics
  • Advantages, disadvantages and applications of hydraulics
  • Parameters of hydraulics and their significance
  • Calculation of pressures, forces and speed
  • Safety instruction in handling hydraulic systems
  • Interpretation of circuit symbols and circuit diagrams
  • Components of the drive unit and their tasks
  • Function and design of directional control valves and cylinders
  • Calculation of the area ratio of a cylinder and its practical effects
  • Core information on pressure, flow control and shut-off valves
  • Core information on pressure, flow control and shut-off valves
Seminar overview:
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Number of participants: up to 12 people
  • In-house seminar: on request
  • Degree: Personal certificate from Advanced Training Technologies GmbH