Training hardware

HydroDidact - The innovative training hardware

We always adapt our training systems, which have been tried and tested for over 30 years, to the current state of technology. Thanks to the modular structure of the training facilities, we can specifically adjust them to any desired practical situation. HydroDidact systems are mobile and environmentally friendly. They can be set up in any classroom. We have detailed training documents and “train the trainer” concepts for each system.


Physical basics of hydraulics


Extension for mobile hydraulic applications


Extended applications for control hydraulics


Extended applications for control hydraulics


* only in connection with HydroDidact Mobile
** only in conjunction with HydroDidact Standard or Advanced

The HydroDidact training systems can simulate almost any hydraulic application or problem, thus enabling a new form of vivid and comfortable training for the subject areas of hydraulics, mobile hydraulics and control technology. The spectrum ranges from basic teaching to expert training, such as teaching from a closed control loop or from frequency-controlled drives. The systems have a modular structure and can therefore be individually tailored to the real practical situation.

  • Integrated, energy-efficient and quiet servo pump drive with servo converter and servo motor for the operating modes constant flow and pressure control or for cylinder positioning in a closed control loop
  • Leak-free due to fixed piping
  • Maximum safety and freedom from maintenance by dispensing with hose lines and couplings
  • Every simulation is carried out via controllers, valves or shut-off valves - plug-in or screw connections are not required
  • Safe use of the training facility in every classroom possible
  • Transparent tank cover and lighting allow a look inside
  • Observation of the hydraulic fluid without opening the system
  • Cavitation, air pockets and foam formation can be simulated and observed
  • All HydroDidact systems are equipped with steering brake castors and are therefore easy to move. This means that the training system can be used in any classroom
  • All systems are equipped with all-round rubber protection
  • Shocks during transport are dampened
  • Position measuring system and proportional valve for advanced control engineering training
  • Flow sensor and electronic load pressure measurement with digital display
  • MobilControl with joysticks for the areas of mobile hydraulics, load sensing and LUDV
  • PropValveControl for fault analysis and proportional hydraulics
  • ServiceMaster for practice-oriented and detailed data evaluation
  • Visualization of all measurement and target values on tablet, smartphone and PC
  • Control of the system via the web interface
  • Control of the display of the pump characteristics when changing the system parameters via the web interface
  • Visualization of the circuit diagram with real-time values

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