Digital Training

Proven knowledge in a new dimension

From now on we offer our training courses digitally. For this purpose we have divided our courses into compact learning modules that build on each other. This way, you can maintain our accustomed training quality on the one hand and save hotel and travel expenses on the other. In addition, your employees are available again more quickly.

Our online courses

Introductory event
Digital Learning

Free discovery tour through the digital learning environment
45min supervised introductory event
  • 45min to explore our learning environment
  • Every Thursday from 10:00 - 10:45
  • Networking with other interested parties

Refresher course

Inclusive exam preparation for trainees
49 For one day training
  • General basic knowledge for max. 25 participants
  • Aligned to the training as industrial mechanic
  • Development of old exams and possible exam tasks

Industrial safety
Hose lines

Qualified person according to BetrSichV and DGUV regulation 113-020
495 For 2 days training
  • Networking with other participants and companies
  • Optional with final examination
  • Qualification as a qualified person

Technical qualification

For beginners and as a refresher course
995 For 4 days training
  • Structure of hydraulic systems
  • Understanding the interaction of different components
  • Completion: Certificate of Participation
Action to start

The first 50 registrations receive 20% discount on the module or package price.

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What is needed?

The learning environment

Advantages of virtual classroom over traditional webinars
Virtual training rooms with the possibility to use different media like "real
Each participant takes part in the training with his avatar

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